Luxury Hotel
Boutique in Puerto Vallarta

Love Nest Luxury Hotel Boutique in Puerto Vallarta offers you an extraordinary romantic experience surrounded by nature. Nestled in the southern coastline of Puerto Vallarta, you’ll enjoy a tropical jungle and immense mountains around our suites.

Enjoy an exceptional laid-back spirit to relax and soak up the romantic vibe. Come and rest on your private terrace, linger on our Mexican cuisine, and enjoy deep relaxation in our vast and great green areas.

Now we hosted 5 new ocean-view suites perfect to dip into the in-room private pool, swing in your personal hammok and slow down inside romantic jacuzzi time.

“You will fall in love at first
sight with the marvelous
details. It was the most
special moment I’ve ever had.”

Ocean view suites

Indulge a luxurious ocean-view suites, a heaven of eco stylish and Mexican chic enchantment. Join us in Love Nest at our new intimate 5 suites with panoramic mountain view,  in-room infinity pool and romantic private jacuzzi.

  • 1500 ft2*
  • In-room infinity pool
  • Private Jacuzzi
  • Private terrace

Ocean front suites

Love Nest tree house experience is designed for those seeking relaxation and pampering experiences with our 2 sprawling ocean-front suites.

The suites are nested in a lovely tropical tree and bordered by the mountainside where you can enjoy the in-room infinity pool and romantic jacuzzi.

  • Tree House Experience
  • 893 ft2*
  • In-room infinity pool
  • Private Jacuzzi
  • Private terrace