The particularity of this luxury penthouse lies in the exceptional fig tree that is narrowed by the construction and fits into its whimsical shapes. With an unparalleled bed of great size, it offers views to the rich exterior landscape of mountains, trees and peaceful ocean through its large windows and mosquito nets, which open in their entirety, towards the terrace and the central tree. This connection with nature will give you unimaginable sensations.


Two basins of river stones float on the tempered glass, supported by roots that are part of the open concept with WC and Bidet with a spectacular view. A shower that emerges from the branch of a stick closed with stones from the sea and a nearby tree, covers the space and serves as a seat and support for privacy.


Jungle Love Nest also offers its guests a wonderful coating of stone and finely carved stones. Which were arranged organically from the bathroom, through the steps and to the pool. Transforming a natural environment into something immaculately beautiful.


In the continuous space that contains all the accommodation, Jungle Love Nest offers an extra relaxation in its infinite pool with the ideal temperature and river stone coverings.


Dedicated butler and private chef allow you to revel in the moment.