The Project

The goals were clear and objective for a market that seeks an exclusive experience in a superior quality environment. After analyzing and understanding the needs of the market, in collaboration with the architect John Salvador Pérez, the topographic survey of the trees began. Honoring always, the serpentine routes of the branches and their extravagance that respects no one, more than itself.   

During a year various ideas and sketches were presented. Which were projected and examined until finding an adequate proposal, which would meet the demands demanded to integrate and enhance the details and natural whims of the landscape and at the same time, be feasible to develop. 

Love Nest

The "Love Nest" project is composed of 3 essential parts. First, splendid tree trunks as the basis of construction and as a central element of inspiration and design. Second, granite stones that shape the building. Third and last, all the luxury elements that have been carefully integrated to offer the guest a stay full of comfort in the middle of the jungle. 

To create this haven of eco-responsible well-being and relaxation, great care was taken to protect the ecosystem that embraces construction, leaving the trees and their exuberance as the only protagonists.  

Following this concept of respect and coexistence, rainwater drainage was placed from the roof to the base of the roots. Guaranteeing this, the runoff of the water during the rainy season. Everything, to enjoy a paradisiacal nook that converges in harmony and tranquility with its surroundings

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